“In my opinion, Le Quyen is one of the best singer who sings the love songs in Vietnam. She has a personality in music so I am quite nervous to stand on stage with her.” – Bang Kieu said.

The audiences still can not forget the irreplaceable combination when Minh Tuyet – Bang Kieu performed their songs: Used to love – Như đã dấu yêu, Apologize – Xin lỗi anh, Love Castle – Lâu đài tình ái… They created so many masterpieces in both overseas and domestic that fans love so much.

According to Minh Tuyet, Bang Kieu is cute, humorous, funny and charming. “Bang Kieu is very friendly. It is because of his friendliness that we can sing together now and be able to become the “lover” of each other on stage. “, Minh Tuyet said.

Minh Tuyet is considered “music lover” of A, and Le Quyen is also extremely sweet, romantic when performing with Bang Kieu.

Although Bang Kieu has had a long time working with Minh Tuyet, performing with Le Quyen, this will be his first time singing along with Minh Tuyet and “new lover” Le Quyen.

Although there are many shows before 7th and 8th of March, the director Pham Hoang Giang and the whole crew are still hoping for the attraction of “Luxury Concert – I’m in love” program in Hanoi.